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BREAKING: ISIS Terror Attack Leaves 63 Dead, Here’s What’s Known So Far

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Breaking news about a massive terror attack that left 63 dead is sweeping across the country as it becomes more evident that the Islamic State terror group was responsible.

The massive car bomb explosion happened in a crowded area in Baghdad, and it left dozens of people dead and many more injured.

Fox News has more:

A car bomb ripped through a commercial area in a predominantly Shiite neighborhood of Baghdad on Wednesday, killing at least 63 people and wounding dozens in an attack that was swiftly claimed by the extremist Islamic State group.

The bomb struck a crowded outdoor market in Baghdad’s eastern district of Sadr City, and left up to 85 people wounded, several seriously, prompting fears the death toll could rise further, officials said.

It was the latest deadly attack to hit the Iraqi capital — a massive bombing that underscored how despite the territorial defeats the Islamic State suffered over the past year, the Sunni extremist group is still capable of launching significant attacks across the country. It has also recently stepped up assaults inside Baghdad, something officials say is an attempt to distract from their battlefield losses.

The bombing also comes at a time of a political deadlock that has paralyzed the work of the Iraqi government and parliament, adding to the country’s complex set of military, security, humanitarian, economic and human rights challenges.

This is just sad. Our troops were prevented from doing their jobs in Iraq and now it’s devolved into utter chaos. With the most powerful military on the planet, there’s no reason it should have ever turned out this way.



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