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DEVELOPING: Japan Makes TERRIFYING Move Amid N. Korea Threat, Is WWIII Coming?

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Tensions on the Korean Peninsula are as high as they’ve ever been, and apparently Japan thinks something major is about to happen.

As President Trump put Kim Jung Un on notice that the U.S. is ready to act, the island nation of Japan has made defensive moves suggesting it believes there’s a serious threat of war between the Norkos and America. Fox News is reporting that the small country will activate its Aegis destroyer missile defense system if N. Korea starts lobbing missiles at Guam, as the country said it would do this month.

Japan recently adopted a policy in which it would defend American territories in the region if they come under attack, which was a switch from only using their anti-missile systems to defend their own country.

According to the Daily Mail, Japan has also moved its PAC-3 Patriot missile battery into position in Tokyo, and move that comes as bomb shelters in the nation see record sales amid the growing threat from their Korean neighbors.

BREAKING: Japan Makes TERRIFYING Move Amid N. Korea Threat, Is WWIII Coming?
A PAC-3 Patriot missile battery in Tokyo, Japan [Image credit: Daily Mail]
From the Daily Mail:

Japan has wheeled missile defence systems into the heart of Tokyo after North Korea threatened to send a volley of rockets over the country towards Guam.

Pictures show how a PAC-3 Patriot missile unit has been moved in to a compound at the Defence Ministry in the capital after officials said they could shoot down North Korean rockets if they pass overhead.

Sales of bomb shelters in Japan are said to have increased as tensions continue to rise in the region while officials in Seoul have vowed to bolster their defences. But South Korean citizens – long accustomed to its neighbour’s fearsome rhetoric – are staying remarkably calm as the crisis unfolds, it has been reported.

Officials in Hawaii, meanwhile, say they are working on how to warn its 1.4million residents in the event of an attack.

It comes after North Korea warned it will complete a plan to unleash an ‘enveloping fire’ around Guam by mid-August. This will involved firing four Hwasong-12 missiles over Japan and into waters near the tiny US island, officials claimed.



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