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WATCH: Jeep PLOWS Through Unhinged Protesters On Highway, Sheriffs Have STUNNING Reaction

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On Saturday, dozens of anti-Trump protesters decided it was a good idea to block a major highway that led to the location where Donald Trump was set to have a rally, and those trying to get through weren’t too happy about it. One driver in a Jeep decided they weren’t going to be stopped, and you have to see the deputies’ reactions after the Jeep plowed through the crowd to believe them.

A reporter from the Arizona Republic was on the scene, and they uploaded the video they took to the publication’s Facebook page. In it, unhinged protesters are seen surrounding a Jeep and lambasting the driver for trying to get by, even though they were the ones breaking the law by blocking a major thoroughfare.

Check it out:

Car driven through group of Trump protesters

Watch a vehicle get driven through a group of people protesting Donald Trump's Fountain Hills rally. You can clearly see a Maricopa County Sheriff's Deputy shrug.

Posted by azcentral on Saturday, March 19, 2016

“That’s attempted murder!” a woman can be heard yelling. “That’s attempted murder!”

“Make sure you’re taking pictures,” someone is heard yelling as the woman replies, “I know!”

The Jeep then makes progress as Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies try to escort it through the crowd, and one woman can be seen actually crying after she claims the driver had tried to kill her, but the deputies didn’t seem to care. One of them can clearly be seen shrugging his shoulders at her… twice.

Meanwhile she’s yelling it’s “your responsibility” to protect her from cars hitting her on a freeway. As she continues acting unglued, the other deputy points down the highway and simply says, “no more cars.”

Another video that was posted online by Blue Lives Matter shows a protester who went as far as tying themselves to a vehicle to block the road to Trump’s rally in Fountain Hills. The woman screaming in the above video appears to be the same woman in the end of the one below.

WATCH: Well, looks like Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Maricopa County Sheriff's Deputies dont mess around. They arrested a protester who was tied to a car blocking the road to Trump's rally in Fountain Hills, Arizona.Finally a department with a backbone. Well done gentleman.

Posted by Blue Lives Matter on Saturday, March 19, 2016

“Finally, a department with a backbone,” a portion of the caption reads.

This, folks, is what fascism looks like, regardless of whatever the anti-Trump leftists try to tell you. Fascism, by definition, is the dictatorial control of thoughts and expression, and by doing whatever they possibly can to prevent people from hearing Trump speak or preventing Trump from speaking at all, these unhinged liberals are engaging in fascism through and through.

However, in their minds, they stand on the alleged moral high ground, so they feel as if their actions are justified because they’re preventing so-called “hate speech” from occurring. Meanwhile, everything they know about Trump and his supporters has been spoon fed to them by a leftist media intent on destroying Trump’s campaign because they’re scared to death of actual common sense coming back to the country.

In other words, they’re either ignorant or grossly misinformed. But whatever it is, their actions are only boosting support for The Donald while showing the rest of the nation how vile, disgusting, and petulant they really are.

So keep it up, guys. You’re only proving right those of us who have been calling you out for years.

[H/T: TheBlaze]



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