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Jesse Watters Confronts ‘Man’ Who Harassed Ivanka Trump On A Plane, Check Out His SICK Reaction

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Leftists are tough when it comes to two things; picking on the weak and hiding behind a keyboard.

One lunatic leftist proved as much when he accosted Ivanka Trump and her family on a Jet Blue flight a few weeks ago. The cowardly “man” made such a scene that he was removed from the aircraft, and later he claimed he didn’t regret going after her, but when confronted by Fox News correspondent Jesse Watters he had a different reaction entirely.

Watters, who’s made a name for himself with ambush interviews, stayed true to form when he ambushed Dan Goldstein to ask him about the disgusting incident. It’s safe to say that Mr. Goldstein only appears to be tough when he’s attacking a woman and her children.

Check it out:

“You harassed a woman with her baby on a flight. You proud of that?” Watters asked Goldstein, who refused to answer and covered his face as he hurried away.

“Real class act, aren’t you?” Watters jabbed. “Now you’re afraid to show your face?”

The video ended without Watters getting so much as a peep from Goldstein, who absolutely refused to show his face.

Typical, and not unexpected. It takes a small person to attack someone over their political views, and an even smaller person attack a woman and her children without provocation of any type, so it stands to reason that this “man” would hide his face and run when confronted about it.

While he may not have learned his lesson, at least he’s getting the public shaming he deserves, and that alone is something to be happy about.



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