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Jimmy Kimmel SLAMS Trump During Opening Monologue, Makes ABSURD Claim About Popularity

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Jimmy Kimmel hosted the Emmy Awards Sunday night, and during his opening monologue he went after Donald Trump in a very mean, condescending manner that’s typical of Hollywood’s elite.

The 48-year-old pseudo-comedian told the audience of group thinkers that television is to blame for the rise and continued popularity of Trump, who Kimmel said wouldn’t be running for president were it not for his former show, “Celebrity Apprentice.”

“If it wasn’t for television, would Donald Trump be running for president?” Kimmel asked the audience. “No. He would be at home right now, quietly rubbing up against his wife, Malaria, while she pretends to be asleep.”

Kimmel added, “Television can tear us apart,” as if he’s totally oblivious to the past eight years of divisive politics pushed by Obama and the Democrat Party, which was highlighted when Hillary Clinton called half of Trump’s supporters “deplorable” because of who they support.

Kimmel, who was most popular when he co-hosted “The Man Show” with Adam Corolla, went on to blame the creator of “Celebrity Apprentice” for the rise of Trump.

“Many have asked who is to blame for Donald Trump. And I’ll tell you who … Mark Burnett, the man who brought us ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’” he said. “Thanks to him, we don’t have to watch reality shows anymore because we’re living in one.”

“Thank you, Mark. Thank you for coming all the way from England to tear us apart,” Kimmel continued. “You sneaky little crumpet muncher, you.”

“He’s responsible. I’m going on the record right now: If Donald Trump gets elected and he builds that wall, the first person we’re throwing over it is Mark Burnett,” Kimmel concluded.

Sadly, Kimmel’s diatribe is typical of the elitist left, and only further divides our nation along ideological lines by alienating everyone supporting the most popular GOP candidate since Ronald Reagan. The again, while his attack was mean and crass, it really wasn’t surprising since the left often relies on bullying and attacks against those with whom they disagree.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering; when Hillary Clinton was on there it was eerily reminiscent of brainwashed minions all fawning over their dearest leader.



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