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JUST IN: Fans Of ‘Last Man Standing’ Just Got INCREDIBLE News, ABC Can SUCK IT

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Fans of Tim Allen’s hit show “Last Man Standing” were disappointed and outraged when ABC unexpectedly canceled the show despite it receiving excellent ratings, but they may be able to breathe a sigh of relief soon.

One of the only conservative-themed shows on network television, “Last Man Standing” saw millions of viewers tune in every week to see Allen’s good-humored comedy tackle current events and highlight the lunacy of the left. Because of this, many people believed that the reason ABC canceled it is because it didn’t fall in line with the progressive ideology, but the show may now be getting a new life somewhere else.

Movie Pilot reports:

However, fans might be able to breathe a sigh of relief as the series has been eyed for a seventh season revival over at cable network, Country Music Television (CMT), according to The Hollywood Reporter. Though primarily known for their music programming — as if it weren’t blatantly obvious — CMT recently reemerged into the spotlight after reviving another cancelled ABC series, #Nashville, to run as an original program on its network.

Of course, negotiations are still underway, and unfortunately CMT doesn’t have the massive budgets that ABC does, so there’s a chance this may not happen, especially since CMT is currently funding the 16 episodes of “Nashville’s” sixth season, but fans should lose hope just yet.

“Last Man Standing” was indeed a money maker, and CMT knows it, so they’d be wise to revive the show since it would bring them countless new viewers.



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