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JUST IN: Hollywood Snowflakes Have EPIC Reaction To Election Losses, This Is GLORIOUS

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Hollywood snowflakes campaigned hard for Democrat Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s Sixth District, but their efforts were in vein after Republican Karen Handel easily defeated him, and boy did the snowflakes melt afterward.

Ossoff’s loss marked a stunning rejection of Hollywood and the left as a whole, with his campaign seeing some of the most outspoken entertainers getting behind it and the Democrat Party outspending Handel almost 9 to 1. The stinging defeat didn’t sit well with America’s entitled brats, so they took to Twitter to complain about once again being rejected by the nation.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s election in Georgia was being treated as a bellwether for President Trump, as the media and Democrats pushed hard to flip the traditionally red seat. Given that’s the stage they set for the special runoff, it’s safe to assume that not only are Americans pleased with President Trump and the Republicans, but they’re seriously displeased with the so-called “resistance,” since the resistance has yet to win an election since November, and there’s been five thus far.

Rather than devote their time and energy to obstructing the agenda the American people sent President Trump to Washington with, Democrats would be wise to actually come up with some sort of policy prescription for the country. You know, so people have something to vote for besides their dislike of Trump.

Or, they can keep doing what they’re doing and ensure Republican supermajorities come 2018.

Either way, the country will win.



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