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JUST IN: As ‘Spygate’ Grows Bigger, Obama Makes MAJOR Unexpected Move… What’s He Hiding?

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Barack Obama has been notably silent ever President Trump tweeted allegations the Obama administration had his “wires tapped” at Trump Tower.

Obama was last seen in Hawaii just hours before the federal judge he put on the bench blocked the president’s proposed travel restrictions. From there, he took off to French Polynesia without his family, where he’s been laying as low as possible amid the growing controversy that former national security adviser under Obama, Susan Rice, was spying on the Trump campaign.

He was only scheduled to stay in the Islands for a month, then return back to the states so he could re-engage the political world from his “shadow” White House just blocks away from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. However, those plans have since changed.

According to a report from the UK Telegraph, Obama is spending even more time in Tahiti than he had previously planned, and his next stop isn’t even America, despite one of his former top officials coming under intense scrutiny. Instead, he’ll leave the island paradise to head over to Scotland for some more time away from the states as he attends a high-dollar fundraiser and gives a public address.

The event is scheduled for May 26, which is more than two months after Obama left the States for Tahiti in what was supposed to be just a month-long stay. The timing of it all seems rather odd, considering he’s previously promised his supporters he’d be getting back into the political fight and even moved into a giant mansion in D.C. for that purpose.

Even if his prolonged stay in Tahiti isn’t related to the allegations against Rice, he still appears to be hanging her out to dry in the ordeal, which begs the question of what it is he’s hiding himself.



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