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JUST IN: Associated Press Busted In MASSIVE Lie About Fresno Terrorist, This Is FAKE NEWS

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On Tuesday, a racist Muslim man opened fire and killed three white people in Fresno, California, and the Associated Press was busted in a major lie while covering the story.

The suspect, 39-year-old Kori Ali Muhammad, was arrested by police shortly after murdering three people in downtown Fresno. Muhammad is fervently anti-Trump, social media posts revealed, and he also told police that he hates white people, the Daily Caller reported.

While the AP did report the previously mentioned facts in their story about the alleged terror attack, they left out what’s probably the most important detail – Muhammad was shouting “Allahu Akbar” as he carried out the slaughter, suggesting that he’s a devout follower of the Muslim faith. Actually, the AP did report that part of the story, however, it was whitewashed to downplay the Islamic angle of the assault.

In their reporting, it stated that Muhammad shouted “God is great” during the attack, which is what “Allahu Akbar” translates to in English, but that’s exactly the problem; by giving the English translation of Muhammad’s actual words, the AP gave readers the impression that he was some faith other than Muslim. Allahu Akbar is the rallying cry for every radical Islamic terror attack, so when people hear it they immediately recognize what the shooter’s motivation might have been, and the AP wasn’t about to let that happen.

JUST IN: Associated Press Busted In MASSIVE Lie About Fresno Terrorist, This Is FAKE NEWS

Lovely, eh? People on Twitter were quick to call out the fake news from the AP.

Although to be fair to the AP, they may have just been taking their cue from Barack Obama’s Justice Department. When Omar Mateen attacked the Pulse Night Club, killing 49 and wounding dozens more, the transcripts of the 911 call from Mateen were scrubbed of the Arabic references to Allah and the Islamic faith and instead replaced them with their English translations.

Katie Pavlich of Town Hall hit the nail on the head when she asked of the Obama’s administration’s editing of the transcripts:

Could it be because Americans will hear Omar Mateen speaking Arabic and saying the words we hear so often, “Allahu akbar,” debunking the narrative again that the attack on Pulse Night club had little to do with Jihad?


So who can we trust if “The most trusted name in news” can’t be trusted to print reliable information?



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