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JUST IN: Cops Discover Doctors Nearly DECAPITATED, & Killer Left CHILLING Message In BLOOD

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A Boston suburb was left shaken and afraid on Friday after police discovered a grisly murder scene in a local condominium, and the killer left a chilling message on the wall written in blood.

The doctors were engaged to be married and lived in a $1.9 million penthouse condo on the South side of Boston. However, their lives were cut short Friday evening after they walked into their home to find a man waiting for them, according to WDHD.

What happened next is unthinkable.

Just before arriving home late Friday evening, Dr. Richard Field and Dr. Linda Bolanos had sent out a distressed text message to a friend begging for help, the Boston Globe reported. Police were called, and they went to the couple’s home, but when they arrived at 8:45 someone else had beaten them there.

Police opened the door to the home to discover 30-year-old Bampumim Teixeira inside and covered in blood. Teixeira “opened fire” at the officers, who returned fire and shot him several times.

None of the officers were hurt, and Teixeira was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment, Fox News reported. After neutralizing the suspect, police discovered a grisly murder scene inside of the home.

Teixeira had bound the couples’ hands behind their back, then used a large knife to slice through their necks. Torn up pictures of the couple were also found lying near their lifeless bodies.

Apparently Teixeira had some sort of beef with the two doctors, although police declined to specify as to what it may have been. An official at the scene simply stated that a “message of retribution” had been written using the couple’s blood.

What makes this story especially enraging is that Teixeira shouldn’t have even been on the street to begin with. He has a lengthy criminal record that includes pleading guilty to two different bank robberies.

According to his ex-girlfriend, Teixeira had just been released from a nine-month stint in prison, after which he informed her that he “didn’t plan on living for long.”

Now she knows what he meant by it.

Teixeira survived his injuries and will face arraignment on Monday.



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