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JUST IN: FBI Source Drops MASSIVE Bombshell About Comey, This Could Mean PRISON

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Now that former FBI director James Comey has been relieved of his duties, other agents within the bureau are speaking up about his misdeeds while he was in charge, and the latest bombshell is sure to get people talking.

A source from within the agency spoke with Rebel Media’s Jack Posobiec, who was the first to report the hacked emails of French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron. The source, who remains anonymous for obvious reasons, exposed the real reason that Comey dropped the investigation into Susan Rice spying on President Trump’s campaign, and it proves that Comey was in fact the plug that kept the swamp at full pond.

Check it out, via Pat Dollard:

That is indeed a bombshell, and it makes perfect sense. President Trump previously accused the Obama administration of spying on his campaign, which wouldn’t have been able to happen without the FBI’s knowledge, and since Comey sat atop of the agency he would have definitely known about it.

As for the validity of Posobiec’s source, below is a bit of background on him and his reporting, Reuters previously reported:

A U.S. far-right online activist credited with initially sharing on Twitter hacked emails from the French presidential campaign of centrist Emmanuel Macron is the latest conservative media figure to receive White House access from the Trump administration.

Jack Posobiec, a Washington-based writer at the Rebel Media, a Canadian online political and social news commentary platform, attended the daily press briefing on Tuesday and later broadcast video from the White House grounds with positive commentary on President Donald Trump’s abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey.

Posobiec told Reuters he first obtained temporary White House credentials in early April, but he has submitted a request for a permanent pass. The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Whether or not this particular report turns out to be true remains to be seen; however, it was evident during Hillary Clinton’s email investigation that Comey was protecting the two-time failed presidential candidate, so it stands to reason that he’d do the same for others from the Obama administration, especially if it meant saving his own hide.



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