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JUST IN: Fox News Expert Reveals The REAL Reason Comey Was Fired, Who’s He Protecting?!

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On Tuesday, President Trump announced he was letting FBI Director James Comey go after hi attorneys general recommended he be fired, and Fox News expert Catherine Herridge revealed the stunning reason the decision was made.

Appearing on Fox’s “The Five,” Herridge explained that she had been speaking to numerous sources within the government. Throughout her conversations, she obtained a much clearer picture as to why Comey was fired without any warning whatsoever, and the reason explains why the entire Russian ruse has been dragged out for so long; Comey was protecting people from the Obama administration.

Check it out, from “The Five”:

The Gateway Pundit has a partial transcript of the segment:

Catherine Herridge: The accusation against the former FBI director, and this comes mostly from Republicans, is that he has been sort of slow walking records about the Americans who were identified or unmasked in these intelligence reports and providing them to Congress. And the reason that’s a big deal is that everyone in the IC, in the intelligence community knows that there is no bigger, deeper, wider, extensive paper trail than there is when you unmask or identify an American citizen. And it should not take months. It should take weeks if not the course of several days to know who was unmasked and who made those requests and that has not been provided.

If true, and there’s no reason to believe otherwise considering we have yet to learn who unmasked the names despite the fact they were unmasked then leaked to the media, then the much larger scandal is whether or not Comey was either complicit or actively a part of the spying on Trump’s campaign – something a new director will be able to get to the bottom of.

Indeed, the swamp is deeper than we ever imagined. However, Comey’s removal is a major step in finally getting the scum cleaned out of it, which is likely why the most corrupted politicians are making the most noise about it – they have the most to lose.

Now let’s wait for the indictments to come rolling in.



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