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JUST IN: Hardcore Anti-Trump Senator’s DAMNING Russian Ties EXPOSED, Where’s The Investigation?!

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Do as I say, not as I do should be the new motto for the Democrat Party, especially after Sen. Mark Warner’s extremely troubling ties to Russia were just exposed amidst his fervent anti-Trump crusade.

Warner is one of many (all) Democrats who continue to push the great Russian ruse (witch hunt) while loudly proclaiming that it’s a horrible thing to have the Russians involved in our politics (as long as it’s not Democrats involved with them). However, amidst their hysteria over non-existent ties between President Trump and the Kremlin, we’re learning that many of them are deeply intertwined with Russian interests of their own.

That’s where Warner comes in.

The hardcore anti-Trump, anti-Russian Senator has been a vocal critic of the President and his alleged ties to Russia, but as it turns out he has some explaining to do of his own after it’s been learned that he from, you guessed it, the Russians. In fact, GotNews is reporting that the Virginia Democrat took in a whopping $6 million from the Russian tech company Yandex back in 2012, which represented roughly 10 percent of his net worth of around $80 million.

From GotNews [emphasis mine]:

As far as we know, President Donald J. Trump has made 0% of his net worth from Russian companies. Maybe Warner should investigate his own ties to Russia.

Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner, the ranking member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, is blocking the White House from appointing a Treasury Department official to oversee financial crimes committed by terrorists.

Warner, worth over $80 million, is one of the Senate’s richest members.

Yandex, based in Moscow, is the largest search engine in Russia. Russia’s social policies around gender, as well as its backing of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Crimean secession, have proved enormously controversial among Democrats.

And now we know how he became one of the richest members of the Senate.

Now, according to the Gateway Pundit, Warner was recently on record as saying:

“[Until] we get [Trump official’s documents], I’m not going to support the administration’s nominee for undersecretary of Treasury finance, for terrorism and finance, because they owe us these documents first . . .”

Why would a Senator who took in over $6 million from Russia be so concerned over blocking the nominee who oversees international financial crimes? It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

But it’s not only Warner who’s taken in millions from the Russians. If you remember, Hillary Clinton also had tens of millions of dollars pouring into her “charity” from Russia while the Uranium One deal was being brokered – a deal she was required to personally sign off on. Meanwhile, there’s yet to be a financial connection between President Trump and anything Russian, and there certainly hasn’t been any evidence presented to corroborate the accusations that he was colluding with them during the election, so where does this leave us?

With a bunch of dirty Democrats accusing others of what they’re guilty of.

What else is new.



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