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JUST IN: Karma Bites HARD As Obama Gets HORRIBLE News During Luxurious European Vacation

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Barack Obama and his wife have been jet-setting around the globe on a luxurious European vacation, but they just received a hefty dose of karma after getting horrible news about their trip.

For his eight years in office, Obama took a back seat approach to dealing with radical Islam, and in numerous cases actually made policy decisions that helped terrorists. As a result, the world descended into chaos as Muslim extremists became empowered to attack the West seemingly at will.

Not much has changed since he left office; however, his successor has done more in four months to combat the threat than Obama did in eight years. But there’s much work to be done, and now the Obamas are actually feeling repercussions from the horrible choices made during his stay at the White House.

USANF reports:

Newest reports reveal that police may cancel Obama’s upcoming visit to Scotland amidst fears that another terrorist attack might occur. On Friday, Obama is scheduled to visit Edinburgh to address a charity dinner to raise money for children’s organizations.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon warned that officers are overlooking at whether Obama can go ahead as planned following the Manchester terrorist attack, which left 22 dead and dozens injured.

“Police Scotland is carrying out a review of all major events, including the one involving President Obama,” Scotland’s First Minister said. “Obviously, additional security will be provided by Police Scotland for a visit of such a nature and involving somebody in his position.”

“I am not anticipating anything other than the event going ahead, but I make it very clear that the police are reviewing all these events, and that will lead to their making decisions on them,” she added.

Aww, poor guy. Now he at least sort of knows how it feels to be one of us, who don’t have ‘round the clock protection.

Granted, he still travels with a Secret Service entourage, but it’s nothing like he received while residing in the White House. So if the police tell him to stay away, then he’s going to have to stay away.




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