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JUST IN: Leftist Protesters LIE DOWN In Highway To Block Traffic, Get NASTY Surprise From FED UP Driver

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To say people are becoming impatient with leftist protesters throwing temper tantrums and blocking traffic would be an understatement, and one fed up driver decided he wasn’t having any more of it when he encountered a group of agitators lying down on the highway.

The undated video was posted by the Facebook group “Trump Supporters,” and it shows a group of leftists waving black flags in what appears to be Brazil, the Federalist Papers reported. A driver in a smaller vehicle approaches the demonstrators and they swarm his car, so then he decided to back up, and what happens next should be a warning to anyone who’s stupid enough to lie in the road to make a point.

While the events that took place obviously weren’t in America, they do show what happens when good people become fed up with bad actors. As more and more of the so-called Antifa thugs continue to terrorize regular Americans, scenes like this will undoubtedly become the norm when people decide to fight back.

Check it out:

That had to hurt…

But while we can all agree that it’s never a good idea to thump random people with your car, we can all definitely agree it’s an even worse idea to block traffic then menace anyone who tries to get through. We all have the right to defend ourselves from bodily harm, and any rational person should believe they’re in danger when a group of far-left fascists surrounds their vehicle, especially seeing how violent they’ve become.

So to all of you alleged “anti-fascist” idiots terrorizing our communities; let this be a warning to you. There’s only so much people are going to take, and I assure you that you’re close to pushing them to their breaking point.

If you don’t want to end up like the people in the above video, perhaps you should calm it down a little bit. We all have the right to protest, but none of us have the right to instigate violence or block the free movement of others, so don’t be surprised when people take decisive action to ensure neither happen.



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