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JUST IN: Libs OUTRAGED Palin & Nugent Posed In Front Of Hillary Portrait, Obama’s Guests Did WORSE [Pics]

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On Thursday, the left became outraged when photos of Ted Nugent, Sarah Palin, and Kid Rock posing in front of Hillary Clinton’s White House portrait, but they should have a look at what Obama’s guests did when they were there.

The left’s hypocrisy truly knows no bounds, which became evident yet again at the reaction to President Trump’s guests posing with the liberals’ darling Hillary. To hear them cry, you’d have thought that either Nugent, Palin, or Kid Rock had flashed an inappropriate gesture at the portrait while they were standing there, but they didn’t.

A sampling of the responses:

You get the idea. They were quite upset, even though nobody really did anything distasteful.

In fact, Nugent later revealed that someone had asked them to flip Hillary’s picture the bird, but he told the New York Times that they chose not to and instead took the high road.

“I politely declined. Let the juxtaposition speak for itself,” the rocker said.

“We were there for four hours, man!” Nugent said. “He gave us a wonderful personal tour of every room and talked about the origins of every carpet and every painting — there was a Monet — and then we had dinner.”

Granted, the imagery of known Hillary haters standing in front of her portrait was probably quite triggering to the sensitive snowflakes, however, what guests of former squatter Obama did was far, far worse.

Check it out:

How nice…

So along with being the worst hypocrites on the planet, liberals are also vile and disrespectful.

And they have the nerve to say that President Trump’s guests didn’t have any class? Please.



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