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With the media becoming increasingly obsessed over President Trump and the manufactured scandals rocking his administration, they’ve completely ignored a real scandal that’s rocking the Democrat National Committee as we speak.

Last year, Wikileaks revealed that the DNC, headed by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz at the time, was actively colluding with Hillary Clinton’s campaign to ensure that she won the primary elections to become the party’s nominee. Shortly after learning the news, a class-action lawsuit was filed by Democrat donors upset that they were defrauded out of their money by party leadership as Wasserman-Schultz and others claimed to be neutral.

LifeZette reports that:

In the suit, Wilding v. DNC, the Sanders supporters and their attorneys claim Schultz and the Democratic National Committee defrauded them out of their money by pledging to be neutral when in fact the committee was working, from early on, to help Hillary Clinton — and only Hillary Clinton. They accuse them of “intentional, willful, wanton and malicious” conduct.

Lawyers also allege that Wasserman-Schultz is guilty of negligent misrepresentation, which is against the law in Washington, D.C., as well as breach of fiduciary duty, unjust enrichment, and negligence for not properly securing personal and financial information of donors.

A memo released by the DNC in May of last year stated the organization would “muddy the waters” around Hillary’s vulnerabilities, work “through the DNC” to “utilize reporters” for Clinton, and generate stories in the complicit media that had “no fingerprints” from the DNC on them. Additionally, the memo only ever speaks of Clinton’s campaign, as if she was the only one running, despite the fact that at the time there were numerous candidates in the running.

However, the Bernie Sanders supporters who are suing the DNC aren’t doing so because of the election – there’s no changing what happened – but instead want to hold the dishonest DNC accountable for defrauding its loyal base.

“I wouldn’t call this an election case. It’s a fraud case,” an attorney representing the donors said. “You don’t have a right to take people’s money under false pretenses.”

The class-action suit names 150 plaintiffs from 45 states and D.C., and it represents everyone including Democrat Party members to Sanders’ donors. It was filed in Florida, and currently there’s a motion to dismiss being considered by Judge William Zloch.

However, despite the gravity of the case and the fact it’s one of the biggest political scandals of recent history – a major political party conspired to undermine democracy in the world’s greatest republic – the media has been totally absent reporting on it. In fact, the case is nearly a year old now, and a Google search conducted by the Lifezette reporter yielded shockingly few results.

How many, exactly? One.

From LifeZette:

The media blackout of the case has been so extreme that a Tuesday search in Google News for lead plaintiff “Carol Wilding” and DNC produced just one article. Not one article in the past month or year. But one article total, a May 13 piece on the liberal progressive website Salon, “The DNC’s elephant in the room: Dems have a problem — it’s not Donald Trump.”

A search on Google News for the name of the case in quotes “Wilding v. DNC” yields zero results. A search of the official name of the case, “Wilding et al. v. DNC” yields 16 results — Salon and a handful of obscure websites. No mainstream outlets either national or in Florida, where the suit was filed.

Lovely, eh? Go ahead and keep telling yourselves there’s no media bias.

As for the suit itself, the attorneys said their clients want their money back, plus for the DNC to “special damages” and “exemplary/punitive damages … in an amount sufficient to deter and make an example of defendants.”

Once the case moves to discovery, the lawyers will determine an actual dollar amount. However, it’s worth noting that if the judge does give the go order, that there’s no amount of money that the plaintiffs will accept to settle out of court.

“We want our day in court,” he told LifeZette.

So where has the media been throughout this bombshell case?

Busy doing everything within their power to undermine the President so they can pave the way for his impeachment. In fact, what’s happening now sounds awfully familiar to what was outlined in the DNC’s memo from last year, wouldn’t you say?



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