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JUST IN: Paul Ryan’s TROUBLING Secret EXPOSED, He Needs To Be Removed NOW

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House Speaker Paul Ryan has been a major opposing force for President Trump during his first 100 days, and after learning a troubling secret about him it’s evident he needs to be removed from his position immediately.

It’s no secret that Ryan has been a weak supporter of the President, at best, which was evident when he declared that he would “never” support Trump after the Access Hollywood video had leaked. As it turns out, it’s not the video that caused Ryan to be against the people’s choice for president, but instead he likely just used it as an excuse to abandon then-candidate Trump.


His wife is a “liberal, left wing progressive, anti-Constitutional, big government George Soros supporter who voted for Barack Hussein Obama twice,” according to Dr. Rich Swier. Swier has a blog in which he discusses numerous topics, and one of importance just happened to be the history of Janna Little Ryan, the far-left wife of our current Speaker of the House, who’s been a larger asset to the co-called #Resistance than he has conservatives who gave the GOP majorities in Congress plus the White House.

JUST IN: Paul Ryan’s TROUBLING Secret EXPOSED, He Needs To Be Removed NOW
Dr. Rich Swier [Image credit: Dr. Swier]
As Swier noted in his piece, “if you are scratching your head and rubbing your rabbit foot in an expression of confusion and lack of understanding of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and his blatant liberal agenda and decision making processes all you have to do is look into his family unit.”

“Then you will learn that he supporting his wife’s ideology,” Swier added. “As a man should and probably to remain in good graces in a supportive marriage.”

Indeed. It’s no secret that the key to a healthy marriage is supporting your spouse, so of course Ryan would be supportive of his wife’s liberal ideology, lest he find himself in a combative marriage doomed for divorce.

According to [emphasis mine]:

Janna comes from a Democratic family. Her cousin, Dan Boren, was a Democratic Representative for Oklahoma from 2005 to 2013. Dan’s father, David Boren, was the 21st governor of Oklahoma from 1975 to 1979. Dan’s grandfather, Lyle Boren, was a Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1937 to 1947. Janna’s grandfather, Reuel Little, helped found a third party called the American Party in Oklahoma in 1968. He ran for governor in 1970 but didn’t win, ABC News reported.

Janna herself has lobbied for liberal movements, such as marching in Washington in college for women’s rights, The New York Times reported. Janna rarely gives interviews, CNN reported, and doesn’t speak publicly about her political views.

The craziest part about Swier’s piece? It was written in 2016, just after Ryan gave away the house to the Democrats during another heated budget battle.

“So if you want to understand why Speaker Ryan funded Obamacare and Planned Parent Hood, I suggest you ask his wife,” Swier wrote. “She is wearing the pants in the family metaphorically speaking. In my humble opinion.”

“If you want to know why Paul Ryan is using taxpayer money to fund 100,000 un-vetted Syrians for a free taxpayer funded ride in cities across the United States ask his wife…. the bleeding heart liberal that she is. She is pro-open borders,” added Swier.

Swier, a 23-year Army veteran who retired as a Lt. Colonel, explained that “Paul Ryan’s decisions and thought processes are a reflection of his spouse’s mindset.”

“Mrs. Ryan is a life long[sic] Democrat who is pushing Obama’s agenda through her husband.”

He also noted that, “a happy wife is a happy life.”

Swier also explained when he personally found himself on a blind date with a Democrat years ago, he ended the date roughly 2-3 minutes after he discovered the woman’s ideology knowing they’d never be compatible in a relationship. His personal experience led him to surmise that between Ryan being married to a liberal and his history of dating liberal women, Ryan is embracing “his real honest true to heart Democrat values.”

After seeing how he’s conducted himself as speaker, it’s not hard to disagree with that either.

If you’d like to read Swier’s piece in its entirety, you can do so by clicking this link.



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