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JUST IN: Prosecutors Decide Fate Of Man Who Killed 3 Home Invaders With AR-15, This Is HUGE

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Last week, news broke of a 23-year-old man who killed three home invaders with his AR-15 rifle, and local prosecutors just decided his fate.

Zach Peters of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma got off three shots when the men, armed with brass knuckles and a knife, broke into his home, and the result was three dead burglars and one terrified getaway driver. The fact that he used an AR-15 to defend himself had many in the anti-gun crowd upset, including one of the suspects’ grandfathers, who claimed it was “unfair” for Peters to use the weapon, but their outrage meant little in the end.

According to prosecutors, Peters was well within his rights as a homeowner to use deadly force to defend his home from intrusion under Oklahoma’s Castle Doctrine – a law that specifically protects home and business owners from prosecution if they’re forced to kill someone in defending their property and family.

“It is the opinion of this office that Zachery Peters acted justifiably and in accordance with his rights as an Oklahoma citizen when he used deadly forced to defend his home from the first-degree burglary perpetrated by Maxwell Cook, Jaykob Woodriff, and Jacob Redfern, and allegedly, Elizabeth Rodriguez,” Assistant District Attorney Jack Thorp told reporters.

However, despite the clear name and definition of the law, some reporters still tried to blame “Stand Your Ground laws,” which have been a target of the left for some time.




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