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JUST IN: We Just Learned What Obama Told Hillary On Election Night, The Truth Is BRUTAL

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On November 9 of last year, the entire world was shocked as we learned that then-candidate Donald Trump was about to become the 45th president.

However, none were so shocked as those on Team Hillary, who for months believed they had the election in the bag and that voting was a mere technicality before she assumed her rightful position in the White House. Because of their arrogance, Hillary’s campaign was utterly devastated upon learning that they’d be going home the losers…again.

Perhaps that’s why it took several phone calls from Barack Obama’s White House to get Hillary to actually call President Trump to concede the election.

Yeah, apparently she was in such shock that she didn’t want to admit defeat, and it was only after heavy persuasion from Obama that she finally did so.

From the Daily Caller:

The presidential election of 2016 shocked the world, but no one was more shocked than Hillary Clinton. A new book on the Clinton campaign contains the revelation that Clinton had to be pressured into conceding her loss on election night by President Barack Obama.

“POTUS doesn’t think it’s wise to drag this out,” White House political director David Simas is reported as saying to Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager.

The campaign did not concede at that point.

Later, President Obama himself called and told Clinton, “You need to concede.” The president then repeated the demand to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta shortly thereafter.

While she didn’t publicly concede on election night — she waited until morning to address supporters —  The Washington Post reports the calls from Obama had the desired impact. “At last, Clinton said, ‘Give me the phone.’ And then the first woman who was going to be president got her opponent on the line and said two words she never expected to say: ‘Congratulations, Donald.’”

The calls from President Obama started after Wisconsin was called for Donald Trump. The Post reports, “President Barack Obama thought it was over and did not want a messy recount.”

Ouch. Although it’s no secret that she took the defeat hard…really hard.

Hillary reportedly threw a tantrum in her hotel room that evening as she watched state after state go for The Donald, and to this day she blames everyone except herself for the loss. Many also suspect that the great Russian ruse of 2017 originated with the Democrats’ inability to admit the American people are tired of their policies.

Perhaps she and the Democrat Party as a whole would be wise to step outside of their media bubble on occasion and pay attention to what the “deplorables” of America actually want, lest they find themselves totally irrelevant after the coming elections.



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