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JUST IN: White House Leakers Just Got DEVASTATING News, It’s ONLY A MATTER OF TIME

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President Trump’s White House has been plagued by leaks ever since he took office in January, which many believe have been from Obama loyalists, but they just received some devastating news.

Apparently, while the leakers appear to have been acting with impunity, President Trump’s staff have been working to weed them out, and according to One America News correspondent Trey Yingst they have found at least three of them. Breitbart News is reporting that they’ve been identified and are up for termination as soon as the President returns from his overseas trip, but not before their names are run through the Office of Government Ethics.

Check it out:

According to Yingst, three staffers have been identified and referred to the Office of Government Ethics for their role in leaking information from within the White House. Leaks to the mainstream press have constantly plagued the Trump administration in its early days, with opportunely time leaks undermining key administration efforts.

Yingst claims his source informed him President Trump will fire “multiple people” on his return to Washington from his landmark foreign tour through the Middle East. It was implied criminal prosecution may also be on the table for those responsible.

For the record, the leaks that have come from the White House are much worse than the things people have accused the administration o0f doing. In fact, it’s a felony to disclose much of the information that’s been leaked to the press, which means those responsible are likely facing jail time once they’re exposed as the turncoats they are.

While the Office of Government Ethics isn’t a prosecutorial body, it can recommend the Justice Department bring charges against those in violation of the law, which is likely going to happen once the agency concludes its investigation.



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