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JUST IN: Liberals Have SICKENING Response To Right-Wing London Van Attack

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London has seen an uptick of terror activity in the past month, and it appears as if the perpetrator of an attack is what guides the reactions of our liberal counterparts.

The first attacks in the city were carried out by radicalized Muslims intent on killing infidels, and liberals responded with hashtags, concerts, and prayer vigils all while accusing critics of radical Islam of being Islamophobic. Meanwhile they also took to social media, online publications, and even cable news to convince us that we don’t need to change the way we do anything; that we should just get on with “life as normal.”

Then last night, a right-wing, mentally ill man drove a van into a crowd of peaceful Muslims leaving their Ramadan prayers in Finsbury Park, and their attitudes completely changed. The same crowd who told us we need to “love” and “tolerate” all Muslims because it’s wrong to paint them with a broad brush because of the actions of a few turned into nasty, vile, bigoted monsters blaming all white conservative men for the actions of one.

It was a sight to see, and Paul Joseph Watson from InfoWars wrote an amazing piece detailing just how hypocritical these people truly are.

From Watson’s story:

However, instead of responding to the attack with virtue-signaling, pop concerts and calls for everyone to just get on with “life as normal,” “unite” and “love” each other, as they do after every Islamic terror attack, leftists struck a noticeably different tone.

People like Charles Clymer, whose main concern after the Manchester massacre was “Trump supporters exploiting this tragedy,” wasted no time in exploiting the tragedy suggesting that all white people bore responsibility for the actions of one crazed man.

That’s right – blaming all Muslims for terrorism is racist and Islamophobic, but the left can collectively blame everyone it doesn’t like and that’s just fine.

The same people who said NOTHING should change after endless Islamic terror attacks are now calling for all kinds of new laws to censor criticism of Islam.

Indeed. It’s a complete joke if there ever was one.

In fact, it’s sickening to think people can be so blatantly hypocritical yet still taken seriously.

Meanwhile, in the last 23 days of Ramadan, some 1,263 people have been savagely murdered at the hands of Islamic radicals. As Watson noted, “To equate the threat of ‘right wing terror’ with the mechanized, industrial level bloodshed carried out in the name of Islam is intellectually dishonest and crass.”

Truer words have never been spoken…



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