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JUST IN: TRUTH About Arrested NSA Leaker REVEALED, She Should NEVER Have Had Security Clearance

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On Monday, authorities arrested 25-yeat-old Reality Leigh Winner for allegedly leaking top secret information to an online media outlet, but judging by her social media posts she shouldn’t have ever had such clearances to begin with.

A scan of Winner’s (irony at its finest) posts on both Facebook and Twitter reveal a troubling trend in which she espouses far-left conspiracies and shows all the signs of Trump Derangement Syndrome. In at least one tweet, the now-busted leaker claimed that “being white is terrorism,” despite the fact that she’s white herself, and other posts were littered with hateful anti-Trump message.

In a different tweet, she called Attorney General Jeff Sessions the “Confederate General,” and in another she calls the President an “orange fascist.”

Meanwhile, yet another tweet reveals she believes that President Trump is a “c-nt,” and in a different Facebook post she called him a “piece of sh-t.”

You have got to be shitting me right now. No one has called? The White House shut down their phone lines. There have…

Posted by Reality Winner on Thursday, February 9, 2017

According to The Guardian, Winner was given Top Secret clearance under the Obama administration while she was in the Air Force, which she joined in 2013. She was hired by the NSA contractor, Pluribus International Corporation, in February of this year, and is accused of leaking an NSA document regarding alleged Russian hacking attempts against a voting software supplier to the online website The Intercept.

It’s important to note that while the document she leaked details alleged Russian activities, there was no evidence that any vote totals were changed or that Russia’s hacking attempts were even successful.

Regardless, Winner is just the tip of the iceberg. Think of how many other far-left lunatics like here are still in government positions foaming at the mouth to leak information that could take down President Trump.



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