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home Culture, News JUST IN: UNHINGED Leftist ASSAULTS Fox News Host At Campaign Event

JUST IN: UNHINGED Leftist ASSAULTS Fox News Host At Campaign Event

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Kat Timpf is a host of The Specialists on Fox News, and on Monday night she was at a campaign event when an unhinged liberal assaulted her.

Timpf was in Brooklyn getting ready to speak at an event for Ben Kissel, who’s running for president of Brooklyn borough, Monday evening, when out of nowhere she was approached by a man she didn’t know. Apparently, the man isn’t a fan of hers; he took a massive bottle of water and dumped it on her head from behind.

When she turned around to find out what the hell was going on, he splashed water all over her face, she said.

Timpf went on to decry the current political climate and how divisive it’s become.

I don’t personally know Timpf, but I am a fan of hers and this is totally unacceptable. I hope she finds out who it is and nails his ass to the wall by pressing charges.

This has to stop.

It’s never, and I repeat never, okay to assault someone over their beliefs, especially in America, where we have the right to say and believe what we want protected. But unfortunately, our rights are constantly under attack by the very people who preach peace, love, and tolerance, which is the very fascism they claim to oppose.

The left has dehumanized everyone they disagree with to the point they no longer feel even the least bit remorseful for assaulting or otherwise making their lives miserable. We see it constantly, from the incessant virtue signaling to the use of leftist dog whistles such as “racist,” sexist,” “homophobe,” etc. ad nauseum, they’ve gotten to the point that they no longer view conservatives as human beings, but instead as less than human for their “hateful” and “bigoted” ways and therefore deserving of whatever they have coming to them.

The scary part is this isn’t the first time in history such demonization of a group of people led to violent confrontations. It’s also how the Nazis and the German people were able to stand by as millions of Jews were indiscriminately killed by Hitler, and it’s going to end up being the driving force behind the imminent civil war if crap like this keeps up.



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