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LINE OF THE NIGHT: Kaine Tried His BEST To Shame Trump, STUNNED When Pence…

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There’s little question about who won last night’s debate between vice presidential candidates Mike Pence and Tim Kaine – Pence won by a landslide despite Kaine’s best efforts to filibuster him through interruptions.

Throughout the night, Pence fought like a heavyweight delivering blow after devastating blow to Kaine and his running mate, Hillary Clinton, but there’s one line in particular that stood out to everyone watching. It came about 45 minutes into the debate, and it was the knockout punch that put Kaine down for the count.

Check it out, via ABC News:

Boom! That’s our future vice president, and he’s spot-on.

Hillary has run the most insulting and divisive campaign in the history of politics, yet all she does is project her own behavior onto Trump, who’s never once called American taxpayers anything other than hard-working.

She even went so far as to claim that the KKK would be in charge if Trump were to be elected. The campaign ad is below:

Oh, and if you’re wondering how other Americans viewed Pence’s incredible comeback against Kaine, Frank Luntz’s focus group rated it off the charts. Even Hillary supporters were pleased with it.

It’s going to be great to see what happens in the polls from here on out. Pence attacked Kaine and unable (Hillary) where it hurts, so it stands to reason that the post-debate bump Hillary received is erased after last night, and she may even lose ground after how obnoxious Kaine was throughout the entire event.



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