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So, Kanye West Just Left Trump Tower

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Rapper Kanye West was at Trump Tower earlier Tuesday morning.

The reason why remains unclear, but the hip hop artist was summoned to Trump’s Manhattan high rise to speak with the president-elect. Pool reporters happened to catch West as he unexpectedly arrived at the tower and embraced his “friend” Donald Trump.

A spokesman confirmed that West would be meeting with Trump. However, the details of the meeting remain unknown, as does whether or not Trump will be offering Kanye a position in his new cabinet.

Oddly enough, West made headlines throughout the election after taking a pro-Trump stance, which didn’t sit too well with his far-left fan base. If merely supporting the president-elect’s campaign sent them over the edge, imagine how they’re going to react to his meeting with Trump.

Trump has been meeting with people from all walks of life since his surprise victory in November. If anything, the meeting with West shows an outreach to the black community and a willingness to at least hear their concerns, although West may not be the best ambassador for them.

Regardless, the fact Trump met with him disproves the lying media’s myth that Trump is a racist white supremacist who wants to bring back slavery and favors lynchings in the streets, eh?



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