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Kanye West Tried Using Privilege To Skip Texas BBQ’s Line, Immediately SHOT DOWN

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Infamous rapper Kanye West went to a popular Texas barbecue restaurant, where people are forced to wait in line for hours to get a meal, and he tried flexing his celebrity status to get served faster. Well, things didn’t go as planned, and he quickly learned the restaurant owner didn’t care who he was.

Austin’s Franklin BBQ has become a nationally-known joint to get some of the best Southern barbecue, and its popularity has soared ever since opening in 2009. Naturally, anybody who knows about the place will try to make it there if they’re in Austin, which is exactly what Kanye West did in March of last year.

Wide Open Country is reporting that West went to the famous restaurant and tried to cut the hours-long line using his high-profile celebrity status. Too bad for him, manager Benjamin Jacob couldn’t have cared less about who Kanye was or why he wanted to cut the line, because to him, everyone is on the same playing field.

“Kanye West wanted to cut the line and we didn’t let him,” Benjamin Jacob, the restaurant’s general manager, told the New York Times. “Everybody’s equal.”

Which is exactly how it should be. Apparently, Franklin’s popularity grew so fast that back in October, the restaurant was forced to ban the practice of people holding places in line, which is only fair.

More from Franklin’s from Wide Open Country:

Earlier this year, the Times reported on the restaurant’s growing appeal, which has caused many to sell their spots in line for hundreds or thousands of dollars. Some locals even used Franklin’s massive lines to their advantage by becoming “professional line-holders,” which charge fees in exchange for a good spot in line. A local 13-year-old started a service called “BBQ Fast Pass.”

In October, Franklin BBQ finally banned the practice of line-holding completely. “We owe it to the rest of our faithful customers to not allow the distraction,” owners Aaron and Stacy Franklin told Eater. “We prefer to serve our customers in house, and not to have a second party representing our food and brand.”

To date, there’s only been one person that’s ever been able to cut the line, and Kanye West couldn’t hold a candle to his position – Barack Obama. Sorry, Kanye, regardless of how much you love yourself, it doesn’t look like you’ll be skipping the line at Franklin’s anytime soon.



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