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KARMA: Muslim CNN Host Who Called Trump A ‘Piece Of S—t’ Gets DEVASTATING News

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The left has been in full meltdown mode since President Trump won the election, which has manifested itself in ugly ways, such as CNN host Reza Aslan lashing out at the President on Twitter.

Aslan couldn’t hold himself back after President Trump suggested the London terror attack was a case of radical Islam, so he took to social media to decry him as a “piece of sh-t” and an “embarrassment to mankind.” Of course, his comments sparked backlash, eventually forcing Aslan to issue an apology, but his apology wasn’t good enough for the people who matter most – his bosses.

Shockingly, instead of giving Aslan, an Iranian-born naturalized citizen and host of “Believer” on his network, a promotion and putting him in a prime time slot, CNN actually gave Aslan the boot, The Hill reported.

Check it out:

CNN has parted ways with controversial host Reza Aslan one week after Aslan called President Trump “a piece of s—” and “an embarrassment to mankind” on Twitter.

“CNN has decided to not move forward with production on the acquired series “Believer with Reza Aslan,'” the network said in a statement. “We wish Reza and his production team all the best.”

The Iranian-born Aslan is the host of CNN’s “Believer,” which aired weekly on Sunday nights. The 45-year-old author and religious scholar also called the president a “man baby” in a subsequent tweet. That tweet was in response to a decision by NBC News to not report on Trump’s retweet of a Drudge Report tweet reporting London terror attacks because it contained “unconfirmed information” at the time. The network instead referred to the situation as a “security incident.”

Wow. Apparently CNN no longer believes in Aslan.

It was a bad couple of weeks for CNN, too.

They were forced to fire Kathy Griffin after the “comedian” posted a graphic image depicting the severed head of the President, which caused severe backlash, as it should have.

But at least it appears as if CNN is trying to tone down the anti-Trump hatred oozing from its network, although it took them long enough.

Ratings must really be hurting.



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