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OUCH: MORE Bad News For Partisan Hack Katie Couric After New Dump From Wikileaks

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We’ve known Katie Couric is a partisan hack for some time, and our belief was reinforced when she released a highly edited quasi-documentary that depicted gun owners in a negative light.

Oddly enough, Couric is often heralded for her work as an “objective journalist” (I use the term lightly) despite the fact her leftist bias is evident in almost everything she does. With that in mind, it’s going to be interesting to see how she defends her objectivity after writing an email to Team Hillary and begging them, yes, literally begging them, to write a glowing piece about her favorite candidate.

Check it out:

The email reads [emphasis mine]:

Hi John,

Well, I know you had a good weekend! We’ve been working with the campaign folks to reschedule my interview with Secretary Clinton. I wanted to write you about some of the metrics that we are getting and let you know through placement on Facebook we can guarantee 1.5 million views in addition to Yahoo engagement which has been close to 1 million for my political interviews. I’d also like to do a separate piece of business through social media along the lines of “10 things you don’t know about Hillary Clinton” that would showcase her personality and has a lot of viral potential. I know there is a lot of demands on her time, but we have been waiting patiently to schedule something and I’m sure we’ve been driving the campaign staff crazy, but the reach and engagement will be significant and I’m very much looking forward to having the opportunity to talk to her. I have been assured the campaign wants this as well. Can you help make this happen? I’d really appreciate your help.

Thanks, John. Look forward to hearing from you.



So yet another “objective” reporter from the mainstream media has been outed as nothing more than a shill for Hillary. Meanwhile, she presents herself as ethical and unbiased when she reports to the public at-large, essentially pulling the wool over the nation’s eyes and allowing people to believe that her partisan reporting is actually honest and presents both sides equally.

Well here’s a hint; she doesn’t. That’s not to mention, proper journalistic ethics require reporters to keep a degree of separation between them and their subjects, as well as to let it be known if you’re reporting from a certain perspective or viewpoint, and Couric doesn’t seem to be able to do either.

If there’s one important takeaway from this entire email dump, aside from the fact it exposes just how corrupt Hillary is, it’s that we can no longer trust our national media. With each new release of documents we find further hard evidence that almost every national news outlet is in bed with Hillary and helps her shape a fake narrative.

What they’re doing amounts to propaganda, which is a carefully coordinated message intended to sway public opinion one way or another. So basically the media, along with Hillary and her campaign, are no better than Vladimir Lenin and his Pravda were during Soviet Russia.

Just let that sink in for a second…



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