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BREAKING: Megyn Kelly TICKED After Sean Hannity FINALLY Does It…

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Ever since Donald Trump entered the race for president, Megyn Kelly has seemingly tried to thwart his campaign. It started at the first debate, where she hit him with an extremely loaded question, and it’s only gone downhill from there.

Trump supporters and Fox News viewers alike have watched as she takes shot after shot, repeats leftist talking point after leftist talking point, and appears to try her best to take down the billionaire all while going somewhat soft on his opponent, Hillary Clinton. It’s been frustrating to watch, and like so many others, Sean Hannity has finally had enough.

On Wednesday, Kelly called out Trump for not appearing on her show and accusing him of only staying in “safe spaces,” like on Sean Hannity’s 10:00 p.m. show.

Hannity caught wind of Kelly’s commentary and he unloaded with both barrels.

It was glorious.

He continued with his rant and was sure to correct the record for a seemingly misinformed Kelly.

To be fair, Kelly did criticize Hillary Clinton for the same kind of thing; however Trump has been far more accessible than Hillary throughout the entire election cycle.

At one point, a Twitter user tried to call out Hannity for turning on his colleague, but the feiry host wasn’t having any of it.


It’s about time someone called her out. Granted, reporters are supposed to be objective; however, Kelly isn’t a reporter – she’s a political commentator, and her commentary about Trump has been more like an interview to anchor a show on CNN than it has a political pundit on the only conservative leaning cable news network out there.

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