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Latina Businesswoman ATTACKED Over Trump Support, Gets AWESOME Surprise After

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A Latina businesswoman from Arizona has been the target of unhinged leftists ever since she appeared on stage with Donald Trump, and they’ve been relentlessly attacking her Mexican restaurant. However, as things seemed to reach fever pitch, she received a call from her husband that revealed an incredible surprise.

Betty Rivas appeared on stage holding a sign that read “Latinos support D. Trump,” and soon after, the unhinged leftist mob started launching racist and vulgar threats against her restaurant, Sammy’s Mexican grill in Catalina. She posted a photo of herself with The Donald, and that’s all it took for the anti-Trump liberals to become unglued, but what the vicious mob didn’t realize is that America is tired of their vile behavior.

According to KGUN-TV, Betty’s husband, Jorge, called her with some incredible news.

“At 7:00, my husband called me and said, ‘You need to come in and I said, ‘ Why?’” Rivas said. She thought it was going to be something bad, but when she arrived at the establishment, it was just the opposite – her business had been flooded with people coming out to support her First Amendment rights, and that wasn’t all.

Her phones were ringing off the hook from people calling in orders, and there were people lined up outside waiting to get in.

“We just wanted to come by today — more or less — to just show our support that America still exists. People have the right say what they want to say without being threatened,” Rhonda Mikuski said.

Another patron said that he didn’t want Rivas to lose her business because of the fascist left.

“I don’t want her to fail because some people … are meaning to shut free speech down,” Harry Edmondson explained.

Even after everything that’s happened, Rivas said she hasn’t a single regret over any of it. She, like so many other honest and hard-working Americans, knows that it’s not up to anybody to tell her what to think or who she should vote for.

“I haven’t done anything wrong. I have the right to say what I’m thinking. I can go listen to Hillary; I can go listen to Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders, because I’m within my right,” Rivas said. “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Amen. Keep up the good fight, Betty.

Unfortunately, this story is a shining example of the difference between the right and left in our country – the fascist left becomes violent and hinged when you disagree with them, whereas conservatives throw their support behind your right to believe what you want. Nobody there said she needed to vote for Trump; all they said was that it was her right to choose the candidate she wanted.

And here people call people on the right of the scale the violent ones? Please.



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