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VIDEO: Leftist Rioters At Portland Airport KNOCK OUT Trump Supporter, Then It Gets WORSE

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Unhinged leftists have descended upon our nation’s airports to show their displeasure on an immigration moratorium put in place by President Trump, but they really took things too far at the Portland Airport over the weekend.

Paul Joseph Watson from InfoWars reports that the rioters singled out, then attacked a Trump supporter in the middle of the airport while yelling “Nazi” and “peace,” but things became even worse after the man was knocked unconscious. Rather than administer aid to the victim as he lay prostrate on the floor, the rioters stood around and continued to taunt him.

Check it out:

More from Watson:

“That’s how you talk to a Nazi! That’s right!” screams one, before gloating, “Your boy got knocked out!”

“Don’t lose the propaganda war!” shouts another, presumably aware that the attack makes anti-Trump demonstrators look bad.

“Wooo! Hunt the Nazis!” screams another man in celebration of the vicious assault.

“That’s right Nazi boy! Where’s your f***ing fuhrer now bitch!” yells another.

To add insult to injury, the demonstrators then began chanting “peaceful protest!” as the victim lay prostrate on the floor of the airport.

Fortunately, there were some sensible people who came to the man’s assistance, but the damage was already done.

As noted in the piece by Watson, these people have been radicalized by the mainstream media dehumanizing and legitimizing violence and hysteria as long as it’s directed at Trump supporters. That much was proven during President Trump’s inauguration, where his supporters were singled out and violently assaulted by far-left activists.

Unfortunately, the violence from these anarchists appears to be growing more extreme with each demonstration, which begs the question of how long is it before they go full terrorist and commit a Bill Ayers-style bombing or even murder?

Regardless, the blame this type of senseless violence can be placed squarely at the feet of the mainstream media, who report falsehoods and half-truths in an attempt to denigrate Trump and those who voted for him, thus empowering the radical alt-left to commit egregious assaults against anyone they believe to be a Trump supporter.



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