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BOMBSHELL: Was The Letter From Hillary’s Doctor FAKED?! Check THIS Out

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Questions have been swirling about Hillary Clinton’s health ever since she collapsed on Sunday, and her campaign’s efforts to calm the public’s fears aren’t exactly helping.

Yesterday, Hillary’s campaign released a letter allegedly written by her physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack, stating that Hillary was examined on Friday and she’s in fine physical health aside from having pneumonia, which is being treated by antibiotics. However, a closer look at the letter the campaign released reveals some rather strong evidence that her doctor didn’t actually write it.

For starters, the Gateway Pundit reported that Dr. Milton Wolf reviewed the letter and he determined that one of the tests Hillary was allegedly administered doesn’t even exist. Dr. Wolf is a board-certified diagnostic radiologist and is President Barack Obama’s second cousin, once removed, and he called out the fact that Hillary’s doctor either doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about or whoever wrote the letter isn’t a doctor.

Check it out:

BOMBSHELL: Letter From Hillary’s Doctor Was FAKED, Check THIS Out

There’s also this, apparently her condition is non-existent:

Dr. Wolf also sent a list of his own concerns about Hillary to the Gateway Pundit, and if you’d like to read them you can do so by clicking here.

However, it’s not just Dr. Wolf’s observations that call into question the authenticity of Hillary’s health letter. Suspicious of everything that Hillary’s campaign says or does, I spent several hours looking into the letter myself, and I found a couple of major inconsistencies that are worth noting.

The first appears at the bottom of the letter dated Sept. 14, 2016, and is a telling sign that the letter wasn’t written on Dr. Bardack’s computer since signature information is almost always saved on official letterheads. In the picture below, you’ll notice that Dr. Bardack is listed as a “Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine,” which is completely wrong.

Doctors that are Board Certified are not called “diplomats,” which are ambassadors to foreign nations and positions that Hillary sells to her donors. Instead, they’re called a “Diplomate,” according to the American Board of Medical Specialties website.

While some may see this as an insignificant error, you also have to remember that it takes years upon years to earn these titles, and they’re not something they want misrepresented, especially on an official letter that the entire world is going to see. Aside from being the wrong title altogether, such a mistake shows carelessness and a lack of attention to detail, which are two traits you wouldn’t want in someone in charge of caring for a presidential candidate.

Additionally, a letter from last year has the word spelled properly, suggesting that Dr. Bardack is fully aware of the proper spelling and ensures that it appears on her letterhead.

Here’s a screen shot from both letters:

BOMBSHELL: Letter From Hillary’s Doctor Was FAKED, Check THIS Out


The third, and arguably most important error on the letter is in the signature. I did some research and discovered a PDF file of a letter written and signed by Dr. Bardack on July 28, 2015, and while the two signatures slightly resemble one another, there’s little question they were signed by two different people.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison:

BOMBSHELL: Letter From Hillary’s Doctor Was FAKED, Check THIS Out


As you can see, they’re nothing alike. The signature from just a year ago has the “L” completely separated from the rest of the signature and the “B” is shaped completely different from the signature on the 2016 letter. The rest of the signature is also different, with the older having a pointed peak before trailing off and the 2016 signature being smooth and rounded.

Taken individually, such discrepancies really wouldn’t amount to much. However, with what Dr. Wolf found in the test combined with the other discrepancies on the letter, it appears as if the one from yesterday is either a fake or Dr. Bardack forgot her medical training and completely changed her handwriting style.

Now, with any good conspiracy there needs to be a motive, and this one is pretty easy. Dr. Bardack refused to sign off on Hillary’s health because she’s aware of what’s actually wrong with her. If she signed a letter stating that Hillary is on good health and then it was discovered Hillary does have something majorly wrong with her, Dr. Bardack could, and likely would, lose her medical license.

In other words, plausible deniability. The letter had to be similar enough for people to buy it, but different enough for Dr. Bardack to deny having anything to do with it, or at least that’s my theory.

Keep in mind, it is just a theory, however, doctors at this level don’t make such mistakes, or they wouldn’t have made it to this level to begin with. 



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