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Hippie Thinks He’s A Badass Against Trump Supporter, Does NOT Work Out

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Protests and counter protests erupted in Hollywood on Saturday as supporters and haters of the President clashed in the streets, and one old liberal hippie learned a hard lesson in respect.

Violence at the protests led to police making two arrests, one of which was of a Trump supporter who was defending himself against an anti-Trump agitator in his 70s. The Daily Mail reported that the old man went by the name Greywolf, and he messed with the wrong dude when he hit him in the face with his stupid little sign, causing a scuffle to break out.

Of course, after being attacked by a liberal lunatic, a man in a Make America Great Again hat was forced to defend himself, and old Greywolf got what was coming to him.

Check it out:

It came after the two men had a confrontation, in which both could be heard shouting ‘f*** you’ as several onlookers watched.

Several protesters broke up the fight after a 72-year-old, named only as Greywolf, was punched by the other demonstrator.

The man who punched him was arrested on suspicion of batter, police spokesman Sgt. Neil Wank said.

According to the L.A. Times, Greywolf claims that the Trump supporter was the aggressor, and that he’ll be filing charges against the unidentified man. However, the video clearly shows just the opposite occurred, so it’s unclear whether or not the charges will actually stick.

In fact, if police see the video, Greywolf will likely be the one charged with battery, not the other way around.

But the situation is pretty typical of a liberal. They push and push and think they can do whatever they want, then when their target fights back they cry victim.

Well, sorry, old man, you don’t have the right to hit someone in the fact with a sign. You got what you had coming to you.



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