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Liberal Hitchhiked In Muslim Nation To Prove Islam Is ‘Safe,’ Gets ‘Islamic’ Surprise

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An artist and bleeding heart liberal set out to prove that Muslims are “safe” by going hitchhiking through an Islamic nation, but was greeted with an “Islamic” surprise instead.

While many of us warn that the basic tenets of Islam call for the horrible mistreatment and oppression of women, for some reason, our clueless friends on the left refuse to see it despite the abundance of evidence available. Such evidence comes from the story of Pippa Bacca, an Italian artist who decided she was going to hitchhike through the Middle East to prove a point, and prove a point she did.

Bacca, whose real name was Giuseppina Pasqualino di Marineo wanted to send a message of peace and marriage to people in different parts of the world, but instead met a violent end after encountering a Muslim man in Turkey, who brutally raped and murdered her. The story was from 2008, but it shows that the violence and savagery in Islam isn’t anything new, and should serve as a warning to Western nations that the mass importation of such people would be cultural suicide.

Liberal Hitchhiked In Muslim Nation To Prove Islam Is ‘Safe,’ Gets ‘Islamic’ Surprise

Bacca was with a friend at first, and the two traveled through the Balkans of southern Europe into Turkey, where to two parted ways and planned on meeting up in Beirut, Lebanon then proceed to their final destination in Tel Aviv, Israel. However, sadly, Bacca never made it to meet up with her friend again, and her lifeless body was found raped and brutalized in some bushes south of Istanbul in the village of Gebze.

The prime suspect in the case, 38-year-old Murat Karatas, was found after he attempted to use Bacca’s cell phone after her death, then he led authorities to her body. It’s believed that he offered the young artist a ride before raping and murdering her, then leaving her body behind like a piece of trash.

Unfortunately, even after losing their daughter in one of the worst way imaginable, Bacca’s family still refused to condemn the violent nature of Islam, and instead joined with the Turkish and Italian governments to deliver apologist statements for the cult. They claimed that rapes happen everywhere, not just in Turkey against white Westerners that never stood a chance of getting out of the country alive while traveling alone, and that Islam or its beliefs weren’t to blame.

Sadly, Bacca isn’t the first Western woman to meet such a horrific fate, and she likely won’t be the last either. But as I said above, she set out to prove a point, and she did, only it was the exact opposite of the one she was trying to make — that white Western women aren’t safe in majority Muslim nations.

[H/T: Red Flag News]



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