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BREAKING: Liberal QUACK Keith Olbermann Has MELTDOWN On LIVE TV, Calls For ‘COUP’ Against Trump

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Thanks to the fake news reports about the Russians interfering in our elections, liberals across the country are having yet another collective meltdown.

One such liberal is disgraced anchor Keith Olbermann, who had a literal meltdown on live television last night. Olbermann, who was once removed from the air for spreading the lie that Fox News and conservatives were responsible for driving Jared Loughner, and far-left liberal, to open fire on Gabby Giffords in Tuscon, Arizona, is once again peddling lies, only this time they’re about President-elect Donald Trump.

During a segment on his digital series for, Olbermann went off on an unhinged rant about the alleged Russian involvement in the election, and it was so far out there it seemed like a sketch comedy skit. Not only does Olbermann lack a basic understanding of our electoral process, but he made more unsubstantiated allegations than the 12 women who accused Trump of sexual assault, and that’s hard to do.

Yeah, it was really that bad.

Check it out:

Wow…just wow. The terrifying part is that he has a decent sized audience who all believe the pure, unadulterated bovine excrement he’s pushing, which is only helping to further the divide in a nation trying to unite around its next president.

Now, keep in mind that Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, along with a close associate of his who’s a British diplomat have both vehemently denied that the source of the leaks was Russian. That’s not to mention, the FBI also rejected the CIA’s assessment that Trump or anyone on his team had any involvement whatsoever with the Russians, and the overseers of the U.S. intelligence community have also come forward to state there’s no evidence that even if Russia was involved, their motive was specifically to elect Trump.

However, that’s not stopping Olbermann and others like him from completely rejecting reality to push the fake narrative that Trump, with the aid of Putin, actively worked to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.

“Fake news”? Just go to any liberal media outlet right now and you’ll find all the fake news you’ll be able to handle.



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