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BREAKING: Liberal Reporters Have A TOTAL MELTDOWN After Trump Tweets ‘Violent’ CNN Meme

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President Trump used his Twitter account to once again point out how biased and disgusting the liberal media truly is, and like they usually do, liberal media reporters had a total meltdown.

The President retweeted a meme from one of his supporters showing a cartoon train pushing a person with a CNN logo for a head down the tracks, with a caption reading “fake news can’t stop the Trump Train.” To any sensible person, this was an obvious reference to the President’s ongoing feud with the purveyors of fake news who have been trying to undermine him at every turn, but to the snotflakes in the media, it was a “violent” action that shouldn’t have been taken because a woman was killed in a totally unrelated incident.

Check out the total meltdown from these fools, via Breitbart News:

For what it’s worth, the President removed the “offensive” tweet later in the morning, but as you can see, the left went apoplectic over it. But are you really surprised?

What’s extremely odd is they almost all had the same, identical talking points. Considering it’s been reported that Obama’s “shadow” White House is coordinating talking points with the media to undermine Trump, do you think this is any coincidence?

Oh, and one last thing. The “violent” meme these rejects took issue with is actually a spoof of a political cartoon showing Democrats trying to stop the Trump Train:

These people are either seriously mentally ill, or they’re seditionists to the U.S. But regardless, they shouldn’t be taken seriously about anything.



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