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WOW: Liberal Reporters At Trump’s Explosive Presser Have RIDICULOUS Reaction: ‘I BAWLED For…’

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Liberal reporters are total pansies. Yes, I said it.

Yesterday, following President Trump’s explosive press conference, where he laid out the cold, hard truth to the country about what really happened in Charlottesville, leftist “journalists” took to Twitter to express their “feelings,” and they sounded like they were in kindergarten. Apparently, hearing the truth makes them sick to their stomachs…quite literally.

Vanity Fair reporter Gabriel Sherman tweeted:

“I am totally rattled by that presser. Chest tight, stomach queasy. Feel sick.”

Meanwhile, Magazine editor David Lytle responded to Sherman’s tweet by saying he “bawled for 20 minutes.”

He seriously did.

“I vomited on election night. Today, I bawled for 20 minutes. The stress and anxiety brought on my a threatening president is overwhelming.”

We’re not quite sure how the President threatened him. But wow…just wow.

Not to be outdone, NBC’s Chuck Todd said on live television that he was given “the wrong kind of chills” from President Trump’s dose of reality.

“Honestly I’m a bit shaken by what I just heard, and I suspect it’s not just me,” he added.

Then there were the reporters who outright lied about what the President said. Yahoo! News editor Garance Franke-Ruta told his Twitter following that President Trump was “defending” white supremacists. While CNN’s Brian Steler stated he sounded like a “spokesman for the Unite the Right rally.”

“Trump is defending the nighttime white supremacist protest at UVA with torches.”

“Trump risks sounding like a spokesman for the Unite the Right rally right now…”

However, despite the media’s misrepresentation of what happened, CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski pointed out the obvious – most Americans already think the President condemned racism enough and it was refreshing to see him call out the leftists doing bad things as well.

“Trump’s comments BTW are gonna play well w/GOP base who have largely thought 1) Trump adequately condemned Nazis 2.) Antifa got no criticism”

Bingo! Someone’s paying attention, at least.

And these people wonder why they have lower approval ratings than genital warts?

I mean…



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