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Liberal Takes In Muslim To Shield From Deportation, Here’s His SICK ‘Thanks’

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An American girl living in Austria opened up her home to a Muslim migrant to help shield him from being deported from the country, and things didn’t exactly work out in her favor.

American student Lauren Mann took in a refugee who’s only identified as Abdou I. after the Austrian government had planned on deporting him back to his native country of Gambia, according to MailOnline. However, what the Colorado native either didn’t realize, or failed to acknowledge is just how dangerous African migrants can be, and she paid a dear, dear price for it.

Liberal Takes In Muslim To Shield From Deportation, Here’s His SICK ‘Thanks’
Lauren Mann (Image credit: MailOnline)

Pamela Geller has more on the incredibly tragic case, via MailOnline:

An illegal immigrant has been arrested over the murder of an American nanny who had given him shelter at her Vienna apartment.

The 24-year-old Gambian had been wanted by police since the death of Lauren Mann, 25, from Grand Junction, Colorado last month.

He was arrested on Thursday in Bern, Switzerland, at an asylum center there after his mobile phone use was traced.

The location of the arrest suggests he was trying to use the immigration system to avoid being returned to his home country.

He was named by prosecutors in Austria only as Abdou I., under a legal convention that the surnames of alleged criminals are not released until they are convicted.

No mugshot was released by authorities in either country.

Austrian newspaper Krone also reported that he was already known to police, having raped an underage girl in Germany.

As you can see, Mann’s decision to help this refugee turned out to be deadly, but in a way, it’s hard to blame her. After all, the media isn’t accurately reporting what’s going on with the flow of migrants into Western nations, and Facebook, which is arguably the number one place for many people to get news from, is actively censoring any posts that speak out against Muslim refugees, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg being a flaming liberal.

Indeed. The current narrative about these people is that they’re “harmless” and we should welcome them with open arms, yet the exact opposite appears to be true. However, speaking out against them, despite the overwhelming evidence that they are incapable of leaving their savagery at home, is labeled as Islamophobic.

Unfortunately, Ms. Mann was yet another sacrifice to the altar of liberalism, and sadly, she won’t be the last since modern progressives appear to care not who their policies harm as long as their goal is achieved. What’s their current goal? It’s hard to say, but from the outside looking in, I would say the collapse of Western civilization, because that’s where we appear to be heading.



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