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home News, Politcs BREAKING: Liberals Have DISGUSTING Reaction After Trump Allows Boy To Live Out His DREAM [Video]

BREAKING: Liberals Have DISGUSTING Reaction After Trump Allows Boy To Live Out His DREAM [Video]

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The left has truly gone off the deep-end, which is evident by their reaction to President Trump inviting a young boy named Frank to mow the White House lawn.

Early Friday morning, Frank “FX” Giaccio arrived at the White House after President Trump had received a letter asking if he could mow the yard. Frank, who’s now 11, wrote several months ago stating that he normally charges $8 a cut, but would gladly mow the White House grass for nothing.

Touched by the story, President Trump invited Frank to the People’s House so he could live out his dream. Touching video of the encounter shows an elated Frank gearing up, then proudly pushing his mower across the pristine grounds, before joining the President in the Oval Office, the Press Room, and several other special-access area at the White House.

Check it out:

To most everyone with a heart, the President’s actions were both touching and inspiring, as he gave young Frank a memory that will undoubtedly last a lifetime. Some of the reactions from compassionate Americans are below:

However, for the vile, anti-Trump left, even this incredible moment wasn’t off limits from their raucous attacks against their arch enemy.

Below is a sampling of the hatred that was spewed at the President because he dared make a young boy’s dream come true:

You get the idea. Even in a heartfelt moment such as this, these people can’t put their hatred aside and appreciate it for what it is – the most powerful man in the world committing a kind gesture for a young boy.

These people are seriously sick.



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