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Liberals OUTRAGED After Manchester Terror Attack, But NOT Because CHILDREN Died

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On Monday night, a suicide bomber detonated himself inside of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, Great Britain, which caused outrage among the left, but it wasn’t because someone bombed children.

While the world rightfully mourned the deaths of precious, innocent children out trying to enjoy their favorite pop stars, liberals mourned the death of their last shred of decency as they took to Twitter to bemoan “Islamophobia” following the brutal attack. In what look like tweets that belong on a satire website, incensed leftists decried “hatred,” racism,” and every other liberal dog whistle you can imagine.

Check it out:

Of course, the lunatic left wouldn’t be the lunatic left unless they found a way to blame President Trump for a radical Muslim blowing himself up among a group of children.

Then there were also those who warned that blaming Islam for the attack would make peaceful Muslims violent, thus causing more terror attacks because Islam is the Religion of Peace™.

Makes perfect sense.

But this is where we’re at with our indoctrinated leftist counterparts; they’re more upset that people are mad over Muslims killing children than they are the fact that children were killed by Muslims.

Of course, not all Muslims are bad, and thanks to President Trump the West is forging an alliance with the peaceful sects of the religion. However, in order to eradicate the violent elements of Islam, the violent elements must first be identified, which can’t happen as long as these virtue signaling liberals continue to conflate peaceful Muslims with the fundamental believers of Islam.



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