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Liberals Start ‘Anti-Capitalist’ House On Campus, POETIC JUSTICE Ensues When Rent’s Due

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With the rapidly growing popularity of Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders’ campaign has come much discussion about socialism and what it could mean for the country. While most on the right know exactly what comes from such an ideology – equal poverty for all – those on the left seem to remain ignorant to that fact, and what happened when an “anti-capitalist” commune was created on a college campus is evidence of it.

A communal enclave at the University of Oregon is pretty much a microcosm of the utopia Sanders and his misguided followers want to create. The group of “anti-capitalists” thought that with the shared responsibility of paying the rent, that life would be easier for everyone, but instead they were taught a hard lesson in what happens when you take away the will to get ahead.

Liberals Start ‘Anti-Capitalist’ House On Campus, POETIC JUSTICE Ensues When Rent’s Due

This beautiful tale of poetic justice dates back to 1935, when the Campbell Club house was founded after being inspired by a senior thesis about co-op living, and it should serve as a warning to those supporting Sanders – socialism fails every time it’s tried. Ever since, it’s struggled to pay the bills and the house is plagued with numerous maintenance issues, which is all thanks to the nearly $17,000 in debt it found itself in from members not paying their rent – and it’s due in two months.

Not only that, the turnover rate at the commune is high since people show up, stay until they’re far overdue on rent, then take off before anybody can collect it.

The Daily Emerald has more:

Over the last few years, the Campbell Club has struggled with a high turnover rate. Though rent is cheap — between $300 and $400 depending on the room — members tend to move in, stay for a few months and move out, often without paying the owed rent, the source of the debt. The co-op’s lack of funds and “anti-capitalist” stance make it reluctant to hire debt collectors.

Many former members are happy about the fact that they’re able to practice artistic freedom, and that they picked up numerous do-it-yourself skills from working around the commune. Some have even said they return occasionally to help out around the place, but it’s barely enough to keep it afloat.

Liberals Start ‘Anti-Capitalist’ House On Campus, POETIC JUSTICE Ensues When Rent’s Due

Members of the commune hold open mic events to help raise funds for the commune to pay bills. However, the club still finds itself strapped with debt, which former member Jordan Blaisell, a musician, doesn’t think they’re going to be able to pay because the people aren’t motivated enough.

“I thought this would be an artist utopia if the right set of motivated and creative and inspired people lived there,” he said. “But in the time I’ve been there, I can’t help but get the feeling there’s a lack of motivation.”

So there you have it – a real life scenario in which socialism is an abysmal failure, and it’s all because they don’t have other people’s money to spend. You’d think they would have learned their lesson, yet oddly enough, I would be willing to bet everyone there is likely a Bernie supporter, which is sad really.

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