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BREAKING: RINO Lindsey Graham Just Threatened To IMPEACH Trump

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South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham hasn’t been President Trump’s biggest fan, but he may have just crossed a political line that gets him primaries when he’s up for re-election.

Appearing on CNN, of all places, Graham spoke about the President’s criticism of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the ongoing investigation from special counsel Robert Mueller. According to Graham, if the President fires either man, “there will be holy hell to pay,” despite the fact that Sessions works at the pleasure of the President and Mueller is a compromised hit man with a team loaded with Democrat loyalists.

Additionally, Graham is working with Democrats to craft legislation that would prevent President Trump from firing Mueller, because accountability, or something.

From Share Blue [emphasis added]

If Jeff Sessions is fired, there will be holy hell to payAny effort to go after Mueller could be the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency, unless Mueller did something wrong. Right now, I have no reason to believe that Mueller is compromised. If you’ve got reason to believe he is compromised and shouldn’t be serving as special counsel, let me know.

I’m working on legislation that I want to introduce next week, with Republicans and some Democrats — I think you’ve got all the Democrats, I hope we get a good number of Republicans — that will say the following: ‘A special counsel cannot be fired when they were empaneled to investigate the president and his team, unless you have judicial review of the firing.’ Not just for Trump but for any future president. We need a check and balance here.”

Again, Graham hasn’t ever been the biggest fan of President Trump, and he and Sen. John McCain regularly hit the liberal news networks to criticize him. However, the President enjoys strong support in South Carolina, and any effort by Graham to remove him would almost certainly lead to his losing the next election, if not facing a recall from the citizens of his state.

If I were Graham, I’d be careful how far I pushed this.



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