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After London Terror Attack, Leftists Absolutely ENRAGED… At Trump’s TWEET?!?!

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This morning, news broke of yet another terror attack in London, and in an all too predictable reaction, leftists were more enraged over the President’s tweet than they were the fact that a terrorist tried to kill people.

In what seems like something out of the Twilight Zone, enraged leftists took to Twitter to express their disgust that President Trump would dare call the suspect in a terror attack a “loser.”

No, seriously.

Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars documented the outrageous virtue signaling coming from some of the more prominent figures of the left on social media, and the stupidity will make your head spin.

What is the attacker, if they’re not a “loser?”

It gets better, or worse, depending on your stance on the issue. Samantha Darby of Romper (a fitting name, considering the left’s juvenile behavior) accused the President of stoking “Islamophobia” in the wake of the attack, “yet again.”

Meanwhile, President Trump didn’t even reference Islam in any of his tweets this morning.

Here’s what he actually tweeted:

Are we missing something?

If you look to Jo Yurcaba’s tweet, apparently we are. She too accused President Trump of engaging in Islamophobia “to gain support for his policies,” or something.

Then we get into the “journalists” who are a part of the leftist echo chamber and all interestingly use the same verbiage to attack the President, as if there’s someone behind the scenes coordinating their responses (who could that be?).

Nick Timothy stated it was “unhelpful” for President Trump to send out such tweets.

There was also CNN, who also stated it was “unhelpful” for the President to speculate about the attack, despite the fact he’s privy to intelligence and information that even London’s police force isn’t cleared to see.

Lastly, Charles Clymer accused President Trump of “hijacking” a tragedy for his “hateful agenda.” But as Watson correctly noted, the leader of the free world addressed a terror attack in a major city.

The only ones hijacking the incident are leftists trying to undermine the President.

So there you have it. Leftists are seriously more concerned over the President’s tweets than they are the injured people, the suspect who’s on the run, or the fact that radical Islam is a growing problem in Western nations that poses a threat to each and every one of us.

Quite simply put, it’s not those calling out the perpetrators of violence who are the problem, it’s those standing in the way of protecting our countries who are. Their reactions are a slap in the face to the actual victims of Islamic violence, and do absolutely nothing to advance the common cause of keeping our countries safe amid an ever-growing threat.



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