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London’s Muslim Mayor SCRAMBLING After People See His SICK Move RIGHT Before Terror Attack

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Earlier this week, London was ravaged by a gruesome terror attack in which four people were killed and dozens were wounded, and just days before the city’s Muslim mayor was caught doing something rather disturbing.

Sadiq Khan is somewhat of a leftist firebrand and has made numerous controversial remarks in the past, such as claiming that living in a big city means you just have to deal with terror attacks. Oddly enough, his own city became the target of a 52-year-old Islamic State supporter, and it’s likely because Khan, like most on the left, refuses to take a tough stance against radical Islam.

Just days before four innocent lives were snuffed out by a terrorist, Khan blasted President Trump over his attempt to restrict travel from terror hotbeds in the Middle East. In a tweet captured by Paul Joseph Watson, Khan calls Trump “ignorant” and claims that the restrictions would “alienate” so-called “mainstream Muslims.”

Check it out:

Nice, right? The funny (read: ironic) thing is that Khan himself was proven wrong just days after his terrible tweet.

Khan is apparently more concerned with repeating leftist talking points than he is keeping the residents of his city safe. London is one of many European cities that have been riddled with violence since opening their borders to “refugees” from the Middle East, and Khan made it abundantly clear that despite people being killed, he’s going to continue on with the policies that endanger everyone, because tolerance, of course.

Although Khan may also be working with ulterior motives as well. While he was running for office, he was accused of having extremist ties, and he even admitted to working with shady characters while he was a human rights attorney.

The fact that he represented terrorists in human rights cases should have been enough for Londoners to be cautious of his intentions as mayor. If he was willing to stand up for the alleged rights of terrorists as a lawyer, what would make anyone think his attitude would change once he was in a policy-making position?

If that wasn’t enough for people to consider him suspect, perhaps his remarks about fellow Muslims back in 2009 during an interview on Iranian television, where he called “moderate” Muslims “Uncle Toms” – a euphemism for someone who’s excessively subservient to others considered to be superior in one way or another – when asked about reaching out to Muslims to fight extremism.

“You can’t just pick and choose who you speak to you; you can’t just speak to Uncle Toms,” Khan said.

That alone should tell everyone everything they need to know about Khan and how he feels about radical Muslims. Let’s just hope that London gets rid of this guy as soon as possible, lest they fall victim to another, even more brutal, terrorist attack.

After all, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…



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