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Loudmouthed Punk Brags He Can Beat Up Man Protecting Daughter… BIG Mistake

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Everyone’s run across the loudmouthed punks who think they’re invincible, and in most every case, we’d love to see them taught a hard lesson. Well, that happened recently on a beach when a meathead harassed a man’s daughter, then proceeded to taunt him after he stood up for his little girl. Suffice it to say, things didn’t turn out as well as the punk had planned.

The video was shot in early January and shows the aftermath of a disrespectful man in his mid-20s harassing a group of girls on a beach. Apparently, the father of one of the girls happened to be nearby, and the rude meathead thought it would be fun to taunt him after he stood up for his daughter.

Big mistake.

At first, the older man tried settling the issue like a gentleman – talking it out and explaining why it’s wrong to harass women when they don’t want to be bothered. But apparently, the younger man wasn’t getting the hint, and he instead started bragging about how easily he could take the older man in a fight. Boy, was he wrong.

After appearing to stretch in front of the older man, the young punk takes an unexpected swing… and misses. Undeterred, he decided he was going to take another swing, but this time, the older gentleman wasn’t going to let it go, and in a single punch, he knocked the meathead out cold, which was met with cheers from onlookers.

It wasn’t until the younger man was given assistance by apparent friends that he was able to collect himself and leave the area, but the damage was already done to both his body and his ego, which is just too bad (heavy sarcasm). Maybe next time he’ll think twice before getting in the face of a man who’s standing up for his little girl, and he’ll instead show respect. Although, that’s doubtful.



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