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Loretta Lynch Makes Major Statement On Hillary’s Emails, And People AREN’T Happy

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By now you’ve likely heard about Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s emails and how they’re under investigation by the FBI, but one thing we don’t know is when, or even if, there’s going to be an indictment for it. Well, Attorney General Loretta Lynch offered some insight into it, and it’s safe to say people aren’t too happy about what she said.

The biggest question in presidential politics right now is whether or not Hillary is going to be indicted over the intentional mishandling of classified information by using a homebrew server to handle sensitive state secrets. In a sane and rational world, she’s already be locked up or hiding in Russia with Edward Snowden, but thanks to the banana republic we have under Barack Obama, she’s probably going to get off scott-free on this one.

Well, at least that’s what Lynch suggested when asked about it. Apparently while Obama claims that he doesn’t interfere with FBI investigations (which is total B.S. and we all know it), his attorney general is providing political cover for his former secretary of state, and said that there’s no deadline for the investigation – meaning that nothing will likely come of it until after the election.

As you can imagine, people were pretty swift to react to the news.

You get the idea. People aren’t happy, and they have every right not to be, especially since we’ve watched others, like General Petraeus, go down for much less because they stood up to Obama.

There would be nothing better than watching Hillary do the perp walk after years of fleecing the American people while lying through her teeth at every turn. The good thing is that Hillary can’t hide from this forever, and if she’s not elected come November, she may have a major issue on her hands, especially if Trump follows through with his promise to bring her to justice.

 [H/T: YoungCons]



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