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BREAKING: After Lynch’s Secret Meeting With Clinton, Justice Dept. Makes ENRAGING Move

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Earlier this week, Bill Clinton met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch at an airport in Phoenix, and immediately people grew suspicious. Apparently they had every reason to be, because shortly after the meeting, the Justice Department made an enraging move.

When the story broke about the meeting between the two political powerhouses, people immediately assumed that something shady had been discussed on the plane since they demanded privacy and refused to allow reporters to take photos or video. Apparently, our suspicions were right, or at least it would seem that way after hearing what the Justice Department did just two days after.

The Daily Caller is reporting that Justice Department officials filed a motion in court to force the State Department to withhold Hillary’s emails for another 27 months – long after the election and inauguration of the new president, and if it’s Hillary, we’ll never see them.

More from the Caller:

Department of Justice officials filed a motion in federal court late Wednesday seeking a 27-month delay in producing correspondence between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s four top aides and officials with the Clinton Foundation and Teneo Holdings, a closely allied public relations firm that Bill Clinton helped launch.

If the court permits the delay, the public won’t be able to read the communications until October 2018, about 22 months into her prospective first term as President. The four senior Clinton aides involved were Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Michael Fuchs, Ambassador-At-Large Melanne Verveer, Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, and Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin.

The State Department originally estimated that 6,000 emails and other documents were exchanged by the aides with the Clinton Foundation. But a series of “errors” the department told the court about Wednesday evening now mean the total has grown to “34,116 potentially responsive documents.”

During Clinton’s four years as America’s chief foreign diplomat, her aides communicated with officials at the Clinton Foundation and Teneo Holdings where Bill Clinton was formerly both a client and paid consultant, on the average of  700 times each month, according to the Justice Department filing.

So here’s a timeline of events: Bill and Loretta have a clandestine meeting on Monday in Phoenix, where Lynch claims they talked about their grandchildren, travel, and golf, but neither declared the meeting to the public. Meanwhile, Bill’s wife is under federal investigation for possible treason, racketeering, and corruption while she served as Secretary of State. Two days later, the Justice Department filed a motion in federal court to prevent the public from being able to read Hillary’s emails from the period where she worked for the Obama administration.

And we’re supposed to believe they talked about golf on the plane? Do they really think we’re that stupid?

This entire ordeal reeks so bad of corruption that even people in China are plugging their noses. It’s way past time we finally flush the D.C. toilet, and we need to start with every single Democrat defending Hillary over this mess.



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