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BUSTED: MAJOR ‘Fact-Checking’ Website Caught RED-HANDED Lying For Democrat Party

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On the first day of the Democratic National Committee Convention, news broke that there wasn’t a single American flag to be found on the stage, and an alleged “fact-checking website tried to claim it was false.

Thos of us who watched the event knew what we were seeing, and we knew there wasn’t any flags. However, if we tried to mention it online, as this reporter did on his own Facebook page, we were quickly called out as liars because the website Snopes said that the story wasn’t true, so obviously it must not have been true.

Well, Snopes isn’t exactly the objective website it claims to be, which anyone who actually follows them knows. As it turns out, Politifact, which is a Pulitzer Prize winning website, confirmed what we all knew o be true – Old Glory didn’t appear on the stage during the first night of the DNC Convention.

Check it out, via the Daily Caller:

Myth-busting website Snopes flagrantly lied about the lack of visible American flags on the first day of the Democratic Convention, claiming an image from the second day of the convention was actually from the first day in an attempt to debunk a factual story from The Daily Caller.

First, the facts. TheDC reported on Monday about the lack of visible American flags at day one of the convention. Several flags were briefly on stage for the national anthem and pledge of allegiance, at which point they were carried off stage, as the C-SPAN video for Monday clearly shows at the 35:40 mark. Even PolitiFact, which tends to lean to the left, noted that “when the color guard left, so did the physical flag.” After that point, the stage was devoid of any American flags for the remainder of day one.

As reported by TheDC, the DNC added flags to the stage for the second day of the convention — Tuesday, July 26. That same day, Snopes writer Dan Evon wrote a “fact-check” article declaring it “false” that: “No American flags were on display at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.”

Evon offered as proof A) a screenshot from PBS’ coverage of day one, taken during the pledge of allegiance — before the flags were removed — and B) the below screenshot of C-SPAN’s day two coverage (visible at the 6:36 mark here) and claimed it was from day one of the convention. In fact, Mallory Weggemann — the paralympic swimmer who gave Tuesday’s pledge of allegiance — can be seen sitting in her wheelchair as the flag-bearers walk past her.

I won’t often say this, but to those who doubted me as I tried explain what I witnessed with my own two eyes; I told you so.



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