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Man Sees Something ODD Missing From New Penny, Immediately Takes Pictures

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Pennies usually don’t grab too much attention from people since, well, they’re pennies. But a man recently looked at a pile of change he had in his pocket, and he noticed something major was missing from one of his news pennies, so he took some pictures. Now his story is getting some serious attention.

A Reddit user happened to post the image online to see what other people thought, and they’re every bit as stumped as he was. You see, while new pennies are usually shiny and have crisp imprints defining the image on them, the one he had was pretty much completely smooth on one side.

Now you see why it piqued people’s interest? Check it out:

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Other Redditors posted their response to the rather interesting find:

“I’ve never wanted a penny more.”

“That looks super cool! Nice find there.”

“I think your penny might be worth some money!”

“For some weird reason, looking at it makes me very upset.”

Apparently, Reddit users were quick to identify the issue with the coin as a minting error, which is actually called a “blank planchet.” A blank planchet happens when a coin is prepared for striking in a minting machine, but somehow is able to work its way out before being struck. Some mints around the country actually give away the coin blanks if you go on a scheduled tour.

Coins become valuable for all sorts of reasons, and striking errors are probably one of the more valuable traits collectors look for. Blank planchets aren’t an exception to this either, and it turns out this man’s penny significantly increased in value due to being one.

How much more is it worth? Roughly 20,000 percent than a regular, error-free penny, which works out to be about $2. But hey, I’ll take anything that sees that much of an increase in overall value, wouldn’t you?



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